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My R Coding Convention

It seems like many R programmers (probably, many programmers in general) end up writing a post of this type, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I recently switched jobs, so I am at a nice point to make a “fresh start” with my coding conventions: I am not facing the need to refactor […]

Intro to Shiny – Talk for the Greater Cleveland R Group

I was able to give a talk recently to the Greater Cleveland R Group about Shiny, the R package that lets you build web apps for data visualization and analysis using R. It’s a pretty neat package, and I wanted to share my slides, code, and presentation here. My thanks to Gaurav Narain Saxena for recording […]

Write your own! On having better habits as an R programmer

I contribute responses to Stack Overflow pretty frequently. I like answering well-written questions and enjoy that it keeps my skills sharp. However, one area of annoyance for me on Stack Overflow is that many answers start with “You can do this using the <insert package name here> package” – even when the task at hand can […]

Learn to Code

I love this video. I mean, I just love it. It inspires me about our future, and it truly moves me to see some of the titans of information technology talking about how they first discovered coding. Listening to them talk about the thrill of making a computer do something on their command reminds me […]

Using match() to recode in R

Nice and simple write-up on how to do this; reposting because I happen to be doing it tonight!

R Tip – Directly Access the REDCap API from R

Note: As will be obvious, this example comes from a Windows XP platform. I stumbled across this earlier and thought it would be a useful statistics tip to share with the world. Those of you working in health care research may already know about REDCap, which stands for Research Electronic Data Capture. It’s a project […]