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Make Your Own Ending: Reflections on the role of Deus Ex in the gaming world

I consider myself to be an avid PC gamer. Not in the sense of having played some PC games, but in the sense of being a hobbyist – following gaming news, checking in on games in development, reading PC Gamer magazine regularly, and so on. Accordingly, I spend a lot of time thinking about how […]

The Paradox of Information Support: How more data can mean less clarity, and how we might fix it

I think that we can all agree that proper information support is a useful thing for managers and leaders, no matter the organization. Each organization is positively awash in data, but effective organizations take that data and transform it into information – useful, cohesive nuggets that help leaders and managers to make better decisions. Still, proper information […]

Helping out American troops overseas

This is a break from my normal public posts dealing with nerdy science stuff, but it’s a cause I think is worth supporting. I have a colleague who is currently deployed in Afghanistan, and as a side project, he is soliciting donations of specific items that would help out the combat hospital. He’s also taking […]

Optical Mark Recognition – On The Cheap

At my job about a year ago, my coordinator asked me to look into using some kind of optical mark recognition (OMR) program to read surveys that we were administering, to cut down on the burden of data entry. There are a lot of commercial programs for OMR, but we wanted to avoid spending any […]

R Tip – Directly Access the REDCap API from R

Note: As will be obvious, this example comes from a Windows XP platform. I stumbled across this earlier and thought it would be a useful statistics tip to share with the world. Those of you working in health care research may already know about REDCap, which stands for Research Electronic Data Capture. It’s a project […]