Optical Mark Recognition – Example for the Udai OMR Tool

On Google+, Felipe Cortez has recently hit up one of my older posts about using an open-source, Java-based optical mark recognition (OMR) tool that I found and played with awhile back. I promised that I would dig and see if I had any working templates, etc, left, and I do!

I’ve linked a public Google Drive folder where I’ve put this stuff. Basically, what you get here are:
– my notes from when I was using this before
– a batch script I wrote to connect it all
– the asc, config, and fields files for the template_trial
– the original Word documents and PNG files used to create the template (/projects/trial)
– six PNG files created from this template you can use to test the script (/trial_pg1)

I just ran the script again and it seemed to work fine on my system (Windows 7, 64-bit), and this was initially developed on an x86 Windows XP box.

NOTE: When you run the included batch file, it will ask you to identify the template you want to use. Enter template_trial.png, not just template_trial, or the system will not work.

These files should all drop pretty easily into the existing file structure of the OMRProj.tar.gz file, which I’ve also uploaded in case the source ever dries up. Hopefully, these might help some other folks get the system working for them too!

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